Permanent Waves

Argenta Gallery of North Little Rock is proud to present “Permanent Waves,” an art
exhibit showcasing the art of Spencer Purinton and curated by Will Hogg.
“Permanent Waves” is an exploration of anxiety and hope. Peace and unrest,
juxtaposed and conjugated in uneasy harmony. The images, executed in acrylic on
canvas, borrow elements from comic books, animation, Japanese woodblock prints, and
Pop-surrealism to depict dualistic atmospheres of turmoil and tranquility, incorporating
facets of the natural, the artificial, and the fantastic.
Spencer Purinton’s early love of art was formed by encounters with Japanese cartoons
and American comic books. It wasn’t long before he discovered the Surrealists, the
Abstract Expressionists, the Imagists, the Pop Artists, and the myriad expressions of
Contemporary Art. Spencer believes his own creations to be more simple than
profound, feeling he is merely another small voice in the continuum, a part of the
conversation of the human condition. His work reflects his sense of wonder at the
universe, both natural and manufactured, alongside his anxieties and longings. But
foremost, he feels that art is a great unspoken language between creation and
experience, an eternal dialogue in which he is happy to engage.
An opening reception will be held at Argenta Gallery on Friday, December 15, 2017
from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. “Permanent Waves” will be on display at Argenta Gallery from
December 15 through January 13, 2018. Appointments for private viewings can be
made by contacting Will Hogg at 501-416- 0973. Argenta Gallery is located at 413 Main
Street, North Little Rock, AR.