Jennifer EMILE Freeman

Jennifer's earliest connection to art was the matchbook cover in the 60's advertising, "If you can draw this, you could be an artist!" At the age of 7, her wish was to be an "artist". The book "The Artist's Way" changed her life path and re-connected her to the passion buried beneath her professional career of 20 years. "Painting people is my passion and I am intrigued by them in their everyday lives".

She studied with Stephen Cefalo in figure and portrait for 3 years. She completed advanced studies at Studio Incammanati with Stephen Early (a direct Student of Nelson Shanks), as well as Intensive training at Watts Atelier in Encinitas CA. Also portrait and figure intensives with Daniel Gerhartz, Carolyn Anderson, Huihan Lui , Joseph Lorruso and many more. Still life intensives with David Cheifetz, Daniel Keys and Jeff Legg.

Currently represented by Gallery 221 in Little Rock, she’s received Awards in both painting and drawing, including "2nd place" and the "Purchase Award" in the Best and Brightest Exhibition at Scottsdale Artists School Drawing Category, 2016. Her first solo exhibition in Little Rock, September 2014 was followed by a solo exhibition with over 60 pieces at Texarkana Regional Arts Center, March 2015.

Currently, Jennifer teaches beginning painting and drawing as well dresses models for open studio at Scottsdale Artists’ School and is often found painting portraits of foster children for the Heart Galleries of America. The shared belief is that an energy is created in the portrait of these children… helping them get placed. She donates her time and materials to help these foster children find a permanent home.